The PhilosophyVedanta is the laws and principles of life and living envisioned by the Rishis, the ancient spiritual visionaries of the East. It is the time tested philosophy that awakens you to the true wealth, the inner wealth. It unveils the enormous potential that is dormant in you. It is a philosophy that reveals to you how you can transform your life by transforming your inner self, your thoughts. Ultimately the knowledge of Vedanta reveals your real Self, the Divinity within.It educates yo

DiscoursesThis is an era of intellectual giants but spiritual dwarfs, people who know more about lunar landscapes than their own inner geographies. Human beings have explored the external world explicitly, but have neglected the world within. To live happily one needs to be an artist of life and a technocrat of one’s personality. One needs to master the science of the soul. Vedanta is the time tested wisdom enshrined in Upanishads and the Bhagavad Geeta, Ramayana and other world scriptures

''Life Mastery in Leadership''How to maintain the dynamism of a CEO and serenity of a saint?