Angajan M. K. founded the Life Mastery Foundation, which is dedicated to the study, research and dissemination of value education, principal
cantered living,life skills; as well as higher human values, philosophical, cultural, and moral educational.
Through the foundation, Angajan helps people globally, from all walks of life, to overcome depression, enhance their Happiness Quotient,
and to combine dynamic action with mental peace; balance high ambition and performance without the frustration.
Over 30 years Angajan has been deeply involved in the study, research and assimilation of Vedanta, Management & leadership
philosophy, life mastery, spiritual literature of the East and west, human values and the human mind. He is an enthralling keynote speaker
having presided at several prestigious events and conferences on the global stage. He has coached top notch business leaders,
inspired tens and thousands of distinguished audiences, entrepreneur’s, youth and students globally for peak performance,
fulfilled living and to live a life with harmony with the laws of the universe.

Angajan’s natural curiosity and burning desire to seek answers to greater questions of life, universe and timeless unchanging
knowledge of the self and spirituality inspired him to switch from a flourishing career in Electronics Engineering to the philosophy of
Vedanta, the time tested knowledge of life and living. He championeda 25 year span of research on the ancient wisdom of Eastern and
Western seers and sages, life science, human mind, behavioural science, which he researched and assimilated intensely as a full time
resident in an Ashram in India.

Under the tutelage of his Guru, Angajan sharpened his admiration and reverence for the discipline of studying the science of the soul
and the practical laws of life and living which he imbibed into his very being. He now has a succinct understanding and logical approach of
teaching the secret of inner world principles for real world success and happiness.

Angajan’s books “Value System for Success” and “From Gods to Godhead” as well as audio books, Cd’s and DVD’s on various topics received world recognition.

His scientific rationale, practical approach and passionate presentation grounded by wisdom, expertise and humour has earned him the
patronage of many fortune 500 corporations and international schools of business. They include among others IBM,Toyota, Eskom, BP, MDRT,
Price Water house Coopers, Multichoice, Standard Bank, Volks Wagen, TATA, Reserve Bank of India, Nedbank, Indian Institute of Management,
Hindustan Petroleum, Legal Aid Board, Larsen & Tubro, Old Mutual, Chambers of Commerce internationally.