“If you thought our ancient wisdom is dead, think again…… M. K. Angajan offers practical answers for the modern problems of management. The young speaker is armed with a rare insight… workshops are based on one of the finest manuals on ideal action”

– The Times of India.


“….You feel life is passing you by with its hectic pace, the perennial rat race, stress and no peace of mind. Is this what characterize your existence these days? Addressing these problems is M.K.Angajan, a young Management guru”

– Indian Express, Pune


“His dynamic thought on the “Law of Karma” in the principles of productivity and “the impediments to peak performance” have brought a new awareness and also a greater improved personal performance with a better understanding of the forces, both internal and external, which are at play every day of our lives.”

- George Smith, General Manager – Manufacturing, Toyota Corporation


“M. K. Angajan during his session on improving productivity, presented a refreshingly new and novel approach towards this all-pervading corporate reality. The root-cause-approach advocated by Angajan is truly the one and only path to real freedom from stress. This was well driven home – thanks to Angajan’s inimitable oratorical style and intellectual prowess so early in life.”

- R. K. Khanna, Vice President – Simmonds Marshals Ltd.


“The stress management workshop conducted by M.K.Angajan left me a completely changed person. The two days proceedings were rich in conceptualizations. The workshop vividly explained short-term measures to reduce stress as well as long-term solutions to eliminate stress proactively. It was designed and delivered in an immaculate and effective manner.”

- P. M. Damle – Senior General Manager – Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd


“Seldom have we had the privilege to hear, experience and witness such a dynamic and effective motivational speaker! Angajan’s in-depth understanding of the human mind and human behaviour and how he is able to simplify fairly difficult management concepts is remarkable.”

- Peter Streng, Group General Manager: Human Asset, Coastal Group Ltd.


“The seminar conducted by Angajan provided a unique and systematic training to manage life led by higher values. He also presented an in-depth understanding of simple yet effective techniques of managing one’s thoughts, emotions, passions and impulses and channeling these inner resources to meet the set goals.”

-Dr. G. K. Nair, Regional Chief Director, Department of Education South Africa


“The participants were highly impressed and deeply effective by both the content and the manner in which it was presented and particularly the involvement of attendees in the workshops.”

– Roger Auker, Branch Chairman – South African Society for Quality


“You were selected from among hundreds of possible speakers and you were sensational”

- Guy E. Baker, First Vice President – MDRT, USA


“Meeting attendees returned home better equipped to face the personal and professional challenges they will encounter in the coming years”

- Walton W. Rogers, President – MDRT, USA


Congratulations! You got my attention. Presentation excellent and understandable”

- ACFESA, 2008 International conference participant.


“I attended the two-days workshop with our executives, and it not only help us to do better for our organization but also help us in our personal life. The structure of the program was very much tailor made for our personal and professional needs”

- V. M. Raut – Regional Manager – Middle East


“Words cannot express the excellent quality and depth that it had taken all of us through. You have successfully enlighten the inherent values of human kind and which are certainly the tools for Leadership Development”

- J. Rajshekhar – Executive Director, Value Addition LLC, UAE


“We thank you for your insightful and inspiring talk and the contribution you have made to uplifting those who have had the pleasure of listening to you”

- Prof. Anesh M. Singh – Head, Graduate School of Business, KZN, SA


“It was very awe-inspiring presentation”

- T. Ndlovu, Chairperson – SAPA – KZN, South Africa


“The Management and Leadership concept you have expounded was very relevant to our organization and very practical”

  • B. V. Mthethwa, Mayor – Uthungulu District Municipality, South Africa


“We thoroughly enjoyed the content and the delivery thereof. You sparked a lot of new way of thinking in us and we left the seminar with a lot of food for thought. The subject matter knowledge was outstanding”                                     

Darryn Le Grange, Managing Director, Blue Security


“The courses has consistently been of extremely high standard and the delegates who have been exposed to his vast knowledge and expertise in this field have benefitted greatly. His teachings has positively affected the delegates work, life outlook and served to provide insights for them to adapt their lifestyle, thinking and behaviour accordingly”

                                                - Len von Graevenitz

                                                  Vice President, Toyota Academy & External Affairs


“Your session was very appropriate, devoid of jargon and simply put that you are the master of your destiny and you alone can make the difference. It places the onus on ourselves to provide strong, quality leadership that make the difference, expecially during the change process”                          

- Fathima Ussuph,  Dy.  Managing Director

 Independent Newspapers


“Your seminar made to our Group Leadership Development Programme, from all accounts it was very well received by the delegates and the content very relevant and thought provoking”

- N. M Hawley, Director, Group Human Resources

Illovo Sugar Ltd


“The content and methodology was very effective at the same time enjoyable. The values and principles offered by Angajan are essential pre-requisites for anyone at any level in corporate ladder to take complete control over one’s personal life as well as professional life”

                                                - Sandile Bolani, Regional General Manager

                                                  Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Ltd.


“The training and workshops conducted by M. K. Angajan were pleasant and meaning ful, apart from being very effective. His presentation style and approach is remarkable and the subject highly thought-provoking. The inputs provided through his seminars and workshops are rich and add great value to individuals and organizations for success and growth as well as mental peace”


Ajith Oberoi, - Director Operations

Pride group of Hotels


 “The lectures conducted by M. K. Angajan with his unique style and elegant presentations is found to be rich in practical wisdom. During the sessions, the participants are presented with a possibility to open their minds to wider horizon of realities of life with deeper insight in order to have a lasting transformation”

                                      - V S Rao. HP Management Development Institute.


“ Thank you very much for the insightful presentation. The Self-mastery workshop you conducted for us was very effective. It really changed my perspective on a number of things”

                                      - Kola Jolaolu - Managing Director

                                        Ngubane & Co


“It was a real honor to have you on the MDRT stage. Thanks a million! We have received many comments about the excellent program. Thank you for the part you played in making the meeting a success”

                                      - D. Scott Brennan

                                        President, MDRT – 2013


“I would like to thank you for a very educating session on “Spiritual and Emotional Quotient” as applicable to the corporate managers. Our executives shall draw the right message and imbibe the recommendations and suggestions made by you to take their performance to next higher level. The content of session was very well poised and presented in most appealing manner”

                                      - Lt. Col. Kapil Srivastava, Autoline Industries Ltd.


“The seminar provided a unique and systematic training for the individual to live a life led by higher values and an in-depth understanding of oneself along with the simple yet effective technique of managing oneself”

                             - Dr. G. K. Nair, Regional Chief Director, Dept. of Education, KZN


“Angajan’s presentations are passionate, rich with practical content, light-hearted and at the same time rooted in profound and timeless wisdom”

                             - Natty Moodley, District Governor, Rotary International


“The staff had waited in anticipation for the day of the program once they had known that you were to be the facilitator. It was not only the words that were spoken but how they made one feel. We are confident that your words will inspire us for the rest of our lives.”

    - A. B. Hoosen


“Of all the courses (technical and non-technical) I have attended during my time in Toyota, “Self Mastery” stands erect above the rest. It has launched me into a journey of Self-discovery which I will enjoy as a lifelong experience both at work and personal life. I did not have to do any exercises to test my understanding but when the last day of the course I felt so much empowered”

                             - Kabelo Ntsana, Principal